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LMT., MLD-C, Licensed Massage Therapist

Cathie Grzeczka, L.M.T, MLD-C is a Licensed Massage Therapist who utilizes carefully selected massage therapy techniques to enhance her client’s experience. Her focus is on medical massage therapy for lymphedema and cancer patients, post-operative surgeries, current and post-cancer patients, as well as patients suffering from chronic pain, Lyme disease, MS and Parkinson’s. Cathie is a graduate of the Finger Lakes School of Massage with specialized certifications in Oncology and Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapies. She is pursuing certifications in Complete Decongestive Therapy and treatment of advanced lymphedema in breast cancer patients. 

"Massage therapy helps your body release what are known as "happy hormones" such as endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. These positive hormones circulate throughout your body after a massage, making you feel content yet uplifted!"