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Our Team

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M.S., L.Ac, Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist

Sharon Zeiss, MS, L.Ac. brings extensive holistic healing experience to the Pellegrino community, working in the wellness world for over 30 years. In 2000, Sharon received her Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine in California. She is state board certified in acupuncture and herbal medicine in both New York and California, having completed postgraduate studies in the fields of functional nutrition, mindfulness practices, and herbal medicine with an emphasis on brain and inflammatory conditions. Sharon provides a gentle technique using an individualized holistic healing approach that combines acupuncture with nutrition, mind-body techniques, and other effective healing modalities. 


Sharon has worked with diverse populations and cultures, successfully treating those looking to address chronic pain, trauma, cancer, chronic illness, immunity, and more. Having a unique understanding of patients’ needs and limitations she has used her skill set to help those in multidisciplinary clinics, hospitals, health food stores, yoga/retreat centers, stress and anger reduction workshops, and her own holistic practice. Sharon is Community Emergency Response Team Certified and also certified in AWB trauma-based group style acupuncture. Additionally, She has volunteered to help hospice patients, patients at a low-income clinic for women with cancer, and victims of the California fires and their first responders (Fire Fighters, Nurses, and Social Workers).


In her spare time, Sharon enjoys researching all types of healing modalities, being with her beloved pets, meeting new people, eating healthy gourmet cooking, crafting, and indulging in live music, dance, art, and nature.

“My approach to helping patients is eclectic and resourceful. It consists of acupuncture styles alongside an individually designed treatment plan. My goal is to inspire healthy transformation for the betterment of one's life in a way that best reaches the individual.”

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