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The future
of successful
cancer treatment 
is here.

Christine Pellegrino

M.S., L.Ac.


Diana L. Silverman


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No matter what stage of cancer or level of health, our integrative services can help.

The Pellegrino Integrative Cancer Center is a collaboration of healthcare practitioners dedicated to delivering the highest standard of conventional, complementary, and alternative medicine. We nurture intrinsic healing in the whole person using a personalized approach and an extensive array of integrative modalities.


We pride ourselves on the level of care and compassion we provide to our patients.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer, are in remission, or are seeking second opinions or prevention methods then our center can help. At Pellegrino Integrative Cancer Center you will work together with a team of experts and receive quality care in a relaxing and supportive atmosphere.

Meet Dr. Diana Silverman,
Surgical Oncologist and cancer survivor.

The Pellegrino Integrative Cancer Center was created out of the passion and determination that only individuals battling cancer, or supporting a loved one with cancer, can provide. Diana L. Silverman, D.O. and Christine Pellegrino M.S., L.Ac. have different personal stories that led them to one mission: to provide top-tier integrative cancer care rooted in holistic healing and genuine emotional support.

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