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Integrative Oncology Consultation

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A complete integrative treatment plan designed to work alongside traditional cancer treatments.
We work alongside oncologists, surgeons, radiologists to help provide true integrative cancer treatment. Our assessments provide detailed insight for complete integrative treatment of cancer encompassing nutrition, supplements, medications, energy healing, acupuncture, immune boosting, stress reduction, spiritual, relationships, and detoxing
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Book an Integrative Oncology Consultation

Our integrative oncology consultations support the patient holistically, respecting and honoring each person’s unique experience, culture and beliefs, and healing journey. Our Clinical Herbalist and Integrative Specialist Amber Merkens, utilizes assessment tools, integrative modalities, as well as health and lifestyle recommendations to co-create an actionable plan of care in conjunction with the patient and our integrative team. These consultations focus on your specific cancer diagnosis and have the oversight of our Integrative Specialist Dr. Diana Silverman.

What’s included in an Integrative Oncology Consult:

  • Review patient’s cancer history

  • Review patient’s cancer treatment thus far

  • Review nutrition history

  • Review lifestyle factors that may be contributing to disease

  • Review medications and supplements

  • Determination of whether hormone testing, genetic testing, blood tests, or nutrition testing are necessary and beneficial

  • Detailed recommendations for complete integrative treatment of cancer, encompassing nutrition, supplements, medications, acupuncture, energy healing, immune boosting techniques, stress reduction, spiritual health, relationships/community connection, and detoxing – alongside patient's chemotherapy, surgery, and/or radiation treatment plan

  • Complete intake reviewed by our Integrative Specialist Dr. Silverman

  • One 30-minute follow-up appointment with Amber and Dr. Silverman included 

Pricing: 90 minute Initial Consultation $600

Includes one follow up visit

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Dr. Diana Silverman

D.O., Co-founder, Breast Surgical Oncologist, Integrative Specialist, Metastatic Breast Cancer Survivor


  • Medical degree from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Chief Surgery Intern at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

  • Chief Surgery Resident at Midwestern University in Chicago, Illinois

  • Society of Surgical Oncology accredited breast fellowship program at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, PA.

  • Breast Program Leader at the Herb & Sue Ann Redl Center for Cancer Care

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Amber Merkens

Clinical Herbalist, Integrative Specialist

Amber helps people find embodied healing and a deeper connection to the natural world (themselves!) through herbal medicine, therapeutic food, and lifestyle practices. Her work integrates somatic knowledge, generational wisdom, and science, and her formal training is in vitalist, European, Chinese, and Ayurvedic herbal traditions.


Amber is a graduate of the ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism, where she still serves as Clinic Director.

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