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The Pellegrino Integrative Cancer Center Advantage:

Patients receive faster and more successful results when conventional and alternative care systems join forces.

Collaboration is key when it comes to receiving the quickest, highest-quality results. When practitioners of varying disciplines can come together and communicate about a patient’s treatment plan, the effectiveness of that plan increases immensely. The integrative approach is truly the most productive and conducive.

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At Pellegrino Integrative Cancer Center you will:

● Have a powerhouse of conventional and complementary care on your side

● Work together with a team of professionals experienced in the field of Oncology Care

● Experience a personalized and holistic approach

● Receive quality care in a relaxing and supportive atmosphere

Our Approach

The phrase, “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” is a great way to describe the benefits of integrative medicine and care. Not only does integrative medicine use teamwork to receive the best results, but it also looks at the whole person instead of just individual parts. You are not just your symptoms or your health conditions in the scope of integrative care; you are a person who has emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs that will be addressed. The holistic approach gets to the root cause of your condition and then uses a combination of traditional and alternative therapies, as well as lifestyle recommendations to help you overcome health obstacles, improve your quality of life, and reach optimal health.

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Our Process

With the aim of providing you with the best possible care, we need to know you. Our practitioners will spend time listening to you, talking with you about your health history and concerns, and discussing the health goals you are hoping to achieve. If you are looking to have your team of doctors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and nutrition and meditation professionals all working together, then it’s time to visit Pellegrino Integrative Cancer Center. Together we can do more!

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