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Herbal Medicine

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Get herbal guidance for your healing journey with whole plants for whole people.
Herbal medicine has been used on its own, and in tandem with acupuncture, for thousands of years to bring balance to the body, mind, and spirit.

People effectively utilize herbal medicine and specific foodways for issues with:

People effectively utilize herbal medicine and specific foodways for issues with:

  • Immune system regulation, as well as its function in relationship to diseases such as auto-immunity, allergies, Lyme, and cancer

  • chronic pain

  • anxiety and depression 

  • nervous system burn-out

  • insomnia

  • systemic inflammation

  • blood sugar regulation and weight management

  • skin issues

  • back pain, sciatica, and slipped discs

  • reproductive health and fertility 

  • PMS pain & mood swings

  • hot flashes and other perimenopausal symptoms 

  • muscular tension, TMJ, spasm

  • digestive upset

  • fatigue 

  • circulation and heart health

  • cholesterol balance

  • and more!

Chinese Medicine

Book a session with Amber

Consider booking a personalized consultation with our clinical herbalist to eliminate the uncertainty of exploring natural remedies, supplements, and foodways for your health goals. Our herbalist, Amber Merkens, uses plant extracts and therapeutic foods to enhance your body's natural healing ability and increase your vital life force.

Amber provides professional guidance tailored to each patient’s unique body type and diagnosis, alongside compassionate emotional support and accountability.


Cancer patients and survivors are supported through cancer-specific resources and holistic recommendations that can improve both quality of life and the body’s ability to heal, recover, and thrive.

We currently offer a few different herbal consultations:

Introductory Visit for Existing Acupuncture Patients
With referral from your acupuncturist, you will meet with our Herbalist, Amber Merkens and receive a recommendation from our apothecary that will enhance your treatment. 

$40 / 30 min 

BRIEF Herbal Medicine Consultation:

Address a new (not long-standing) symptom, or acute infection

Included in your visit:

  • Brief analysis of health history

  • A recommendation for an easy to implement herbal formula or supplement 

  • Therapeutic food or lifestyle recommendations if indicated

  • High quality sourcing and directions on dosing 

$80 / 30 min 

Initial Comprehensive Herbal Consultation:

For long standing or more complicated health concerns

​Included in your visit:

  • In-depth analysis of health history, lifestyle, food ways, and supplements 

  • Personalized herbal protocol 

  • Therapeutic food, supplement, & lifestyle recommendations to support your core herbs and health goals

  • High quality sourcing and directions on dosing 

$200 / 90 min

Subsequent follow-up visits to the comprehensive consult (if needed)

$80 / 45 min

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Amber Merkens

Clinical Herbalist, Integrative Specialist

Amber helps people find embodied healing and a deeper connection to the natural world through herbal medicine, therapeutic food, and lifestyle practices. Her work integrates somatic knowledge, generational wisdom, and science, and utilizes her formal training in vitalist, European, Chinese, and Ayurvedic herbal traditions.


Amber is a graduate of the ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism, where she serves as Clinic Director.

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