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Health & Lifestyle Coaching

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Empowerment begins with a personalized self-care plan that you can implement and sustain.
Health and lifestyle coaching sessions offer a food-first, results-driven approach. These sessions help clients make the essential dietary changes needed to feel better. Clients are guided away from processed foods and towards whole and nutritious foods that are healing and restorative to the body. 

Health & Lifestyle Coaching Benefits:

  • Professional guidance tailored to your unique body and diagnosis

  • Emotional support & accountability

  • Cancer-specific resources and foods that combat cancer

Health & Lifestyle Coaching Can Help You:

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Combat symptoms like nausea, fatigue, and pain

  • Learn which foods help & hurt your body

  • Use motivational tools to improve your mindset

  • Feel more confident in your ability to better your life

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Book a Health & Lifestyle Coaching Session

Debbie Justs's health and lifestyle coaching sessions focus on lifestyle by helping her clients make changes regarding their mindset, motivation, exercise, and daily routine. Her sessions provide accountability, recipes, resources, and support. 

Initial Health & Lifestyle Coaching 
Includes one check-in within the week

$150 / 60 min 

Followup Health & Lifestyle Coaching 
Includes one check-in within the week

$150 / 50-60 min 

30-minute Health & Lifestyle Coaching + Assisted Food Shopping Trip

*Assisted food shopping trip is at the patient's store of choice. 

Includes one check-in within the week 


5 Food Types That Help Fight Cancer

1. Berries

2. Cruciferous vegetables

3. Fatty Fish

4. Legumes

5. Teas

Monthly Health & Lifestyle Coaching 


1 Assisted Food Shopping Trip

Weekly 30 minute meetings 

Everyday check-in accountability 



Debbie Justs

CHC, AADP Health & Lifestyle Coach, Cancer Survivor

Debbie Justs is a Health and Wellness Coach who has been working with the cancer community for years. After being diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer herself, Debbie went back to school at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to expand her knowledge base and to help others see food as medicine. Debbie has worked with the Brielle Grace Breast Cancer Foundation teaching cooking classes, sharing immune-strengthening recipes, and educating cancer patients on the health benefits of specific foods. 

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